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Rosh Rayhaan by Rotana, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia / 29 November 2023
Regional Sales Manager – KSA & ME | Thinkproject

Yazan Alshalan

Yazan is the Regional Sales Manager for KSA & ME at Thinkproject. With over a decade of hands-on experience in Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Operate (AECO), he’s driven by a strong passion to bring change. He is dedicated to reshaping the industry by bringing in innovation and sustainability. His deep passion for technology as a driving force for Digital Transformation has led him on a mission to create a new path for the industry.

In the EMEA region, He collaborates strategically, working on integrating data and digital solutions seamlessly to unlock new possibilities. He influences companies at the forefront of the global construction revolution, offering insightful ideas for both horizontal and vertical sectors.

His engineering background enhances his ability to make transformative changes in the industry. Beyond shaping industry practices, he actively helps businesses overcome challenges in the AECO sectors. His strategic guidance and innovative approach empower businesses to navigate and succeed in the ever-changing landscape.

His expertise in the use of cutting-edge digital solutions. He shows how the combination of data and digital tools can speed up the delivery of a sustainable asset lifecycle. Additionally, he improves the operation and maintenance of built assets, boosting performance and longevity. In essence, Yazan isn’t just changing the industry; he’s helping businesses stay flexible, resilient, and ready to face the dynamic challenges of the AECO sectors.